Happy New Year!

Everything can be geared up toward Christmas but every year, we come out on the other side - and here we are again.

At Mistletoe House we have only ever used starch based, compostable wrappers and never plastic. These compostable wrappers, however, need the high temperatures found in municipal composting centres for ease of breaking the cellulose down. So, this year, from now on, all new print runs will be dispatched unwrapped. There will be a transition stage, whereby customers will receive a mix of some designs being wrapped and others not but ultimately, all will be "naked".

If any customers wish to continue receiving Mistletoe House cards wrapped in compostable wrappers, then that option will still be available and at no extra cost.

Soon, regular customers will receive our January sale offers, while later this month, the new 2020-2021 catalogues will be dispatched.

Let's hope for a good year.