So, Christmas is over and here we are again, back to normal. Hope all went well and I wish you good luck as you set out to achieve your 2017 life and work objectives.

Already orders are leaving Mistletoe House as customers clear their Christmas stock and restore their "rest of the year" greeting card ranges.

As most of you know, Mistletoe House doesn't do obvious "occasion" designs. People who buy Mistletoe House are more discerning and with more imagination in design choice. For instance, Valentines Day is the next occasion in the traditional greeting card calendar, where most design choices are as subtle as a brick. Yet, in the Mistletoe House portfolio you will find several which will hit the spot including:  Shear Joy & Love in a Damp Climate from Ellie Ling;   Evening in the orange garden,  Singer,  Kiss,  Princess and frog and Letter from Frans Wesselman and The Tie by Krysia Michna-Nowak.  

Whatever the occasion, there is a Mistletoe House card which fits the bill.

The 2016 Mistletoe House catalogue is still the current issue, so please continue to use it. Next month will see the new portfolio. If you haven't ordered before but are finally tempted, please get in touch for the new catalogue. This e-commerce website will show the complete choice soon.

Thank you for your continued support.

Tony Cox