Christmas stock always available

Lots of publishers make you pre order for Christmas so that they can plan their large print runs produced by their Asian printers. Then you can't always top up.

At Mistletoe House this isn't a problem. We have comparatively short print runs at British printers. So, all of our Wintry / Christmassy designs are available all year round and if you  put an order in between Monday and Thursday, you'll usually get next day delivery.

All of our "Christmas" cards are blank, with no message and most double up as Winter Birthday cards, which is much better for your stock control. As I say to people, the type of person who buys Mistletoe House cards is able to write "Happy Christmas"  or "Happy Birthday" on the inside! 

Also, just to remind you, Mistletoe House greeting cards are packaged in compostable starch wrappers, as they have been since the launch of the company in 2013.