The Christmas Quarter

Well, here we are in the final quarter of the year, feeling Autumnal as we plan for the most important period in the retail year.

Here at Mistletoe House, we're all geared up to match the demand for initial Christmas orders and top ups, as we go through to the end of the year. 

Several stockists have already described how some publishers who have their cards printed abroad are experiencing distribution issues. No such problems at Mistletoe House where all of our cards are printed in the UK and always have been. All of our designs are available all year round.

We don't do Christmas cards as such but blank cards with Christmassy / Wintery images. As I always say, the people who buy our Christmas cards are capable of writing "Happy Christmas" on the inside and with the continuing trend of sending fewer but higher quality cards, Mistletoe House is well placed to meet that demand from your customers.

Anyway, good luck and hope to catch up with you soon.

Tony & Marion