And still it goes on.........

In March 2020, with the lockdown, I thought well, we'll be back to normal by May. Some forecaster I turned out to be!

My revised return to what will count as normal is still May but just the twelve months later.

Here at Mistletoe House we are lucky. We're not in the mainstream greeting card market but the conemporary art greeting card segment, with distinctive stockists who enjoy a personal service from an established publisher. This has afforded us a good deal of protection from the market ravages.

Whatever happens, Mistletoe House is as safe as, well - houses. We're in for the long haul. We've delayed the launch of our new catalogue, so the current one and the list of designs on our website remain our product offer. Plenty of choice if you are still able to sell cards in these grim times. We'll catch up with you soon.