Greeting cards in the initial Mistletoe House range are reproductions of images taken from work by the following artists:

A.(Alfred) Trevor Crispin

Alfred Trevor Crispin (British, 1822 – 1892) was a Senior Treasury Clerk at Whitehall, who with his wife, Sarah Jane, designed this frontispiece for an edition of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Printed in 1873 by R. Clay, sons & Taylor.

Alison Ingram

Alison Ingram - BA (Hons)  -started her painting career as a traditional wildlife artist but soon developed a semi-abstract style.  She produces distinctive and colourful interpretations of the wildlife she encounters.  Alison is a member of the Society of Animal Artists and has paintings in the only wildlife gallery in the Netherlands - Kunstgalerie Oog Voos Natuur. 
She lives in rural West Sussex.

Ambrose Hynes

Composition, colour & contrast drive the photography of Ambrose. This is an example of his broad portfolio of work. With a heritage drawn from County Wicklow, Swansea & the Black Country, he now lives in the Welsh Marches. Enquiries via Mistletoe House.

Amy Diener

Amy is a Bangkok based artist from New York. She specialises in dot paintings inspired by colours on her travels. She studied Art & Education at the State University of New York at New Paltz and has exhibited in New York, Thailand, Dubai, Singapore and Germany. She was selected as the American artist ambassador for the International Women’s Art Exhibition in Dubai.; Instagram: @amydienerpaintings

Andrew Seaby

Andrew Seaby makes relief prints from both wood & lino. He is influenced by the beautiful, woodblock colour prints made by the Japanese and fish are a particular focus for his work. He lives in the Cotswolds and has contributed to many exhibitions organised by The Society of Wood Engravers.

Angela Brittain SWA

A narrative artist who paints idiosyncratic pictures from imagination.  Design conscious in their composition whilst communicating subtle meanings.  Angela is inspired by unspoken communication.  As only a small amount of our interaction between living things is verbal, a great deal is communicated through gestures and body language.

Diploma in Art and Design, Epsom School of Art.  Elected Member of the Society of Women Artists.

Anna Wilson Patterson

Anna's current paintings explore her fascination with the haunting coastal landscape of South East England. Her gestures of adding, dragging and remocing paint imitate the natural world, the tidal ebb and flow, the movement of clouds and wind.  She exhibits in the UK and her work is held in private collections around the world.

She has a BA Honours Degree in the History of Design and a Post Graduate Certificate in Art and Design Education.  She lives in East Sussex.

Anne Bignall

Originally from Suffolk, Anne has lived in the Orkney islands since 2007. here her work is inspired by the natural world and in particular, the lives of animals and their connections to eachother and the environment. Initially studying Fine Art at Sunderland University, Anne went on to gain a Natural Science degree and MSc in Marine Resources.

Annie Broadley

Annie Broadley is one of Scotland’s most exciting and insightful painters. Prestigious artist Paul Martin describes her work as having “a profound and beautiful intensity”.

She has a deep love and respect for nature and the world around her, so what interests and inspires Annie to paint, usually belongs in the natural world.

Annie takes as much pleasure in painting the richness and wonder she sees in small natural things, as the magnificent grandeur witnessed in her Antarctica subjects.

She regularly exhibits in the well-known galleries across Scotland and is often published in the media.

Annie’s studio is In Edinburgh where she lives with her husband and two rescue dogs.


Arthur Rackham

Arthur Rackham (British, 1867 - 1939) was a book illustrator who trained at the Lambeth School of Art.  He is well known for bringing the fantasies of myths and fables to life in his colour blended watercolour illustrations.

Audrey Bradley

Audrey Bradley is an artist and art tutor from the Radnor Valley, in the Welsh Marches. She is inspired by the ever changing light, colour & forms around her in the landscape. Paintings are in a variety of media including: watercolour, oil, pastel & ink. Collages & prints are also found in her portfolio.

Bob Guy

Bob Guy is an artist, illustrator & printmaker living & working in the Cain Valley, Montgomeryshire. He is a Member of Artists Books.

Brandon Yen

Brandon is a watercolourist based in Essex. Born and brought up in Taiwan, where he trained in fine art, he went on to study English Literature at Cambridge. His work explores nature’s various textures, as well as the cultural and historical associations of plants and landscapes. Instagram: @bccyen

Brontë Woodruff

Brontë Woodruff is a rural artist drawing inspiration from the dramatic landscape of the Welsh Marches, where she lives. Her preference is to work with natural materials such as Van Dyck crystals, earth pigments, charcoal & graphite, although good use is made of acrylic paint.;

Bryan Poole RE

Bryan Poole is a Member of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (RE) and a RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) Gold Medal winner. His work is true to the 17th Century intaglio etching technique to which he brings a strong, contemporary, graphic feel. He is a Kew Gardens trained “modern classicist” & Chelsea Flower Show perennial. 

Carl Ederer

Carl Ederer (1875-1951) was an Austrian painter and graphic artist who trained in Vienna and later took up a professorship at the Art Academy in Dusseldorf.  He is well known for his mosaic pieces in churches as well as his pictures of animals.

Charles Robinson

Charles Robinson(1870-1937) was a British book illustrator and painter who studied at the Highbury Scool of Art in London before being taken on as an apprentice at a lithographic printers. here he studied part time at West London Art Scool and Heatherleys School of Art

Influenced by the Art Nouveau movement, he held membership of the Royal Institute of Painting in Water Colours and the London Sketch Club. 

Clarence Coles Phillips

Clarence Coles Phillips(1880-1927) was an American artist and commercial illustrator who studied briefly at the Chase School of Art in Greenwich Village, New York. He is well known for his "fadeaway girls" where the background colour matches the subject colour.

Colleen Conti

Colleen graduated in Fine Art in Brighton before completing an MA in English Literature at Sussex University and going on to gain an Art Teaching Diploma from Goldsmiths.  She has been Head of Art at Millais School, Horsham, W Sussex since 1996.  She is a member of the Association of Sussex Artists and her landscapes are inspired by local scenes and trips abroad.

Collette Hoefkens

Collette paints and draws pictures of both domesticated animals and wild natural history. Her work is intense, traditional and warm, capturing real and imagined moments,in pencil, oils and watercolours. She lives in Hertfordshire where she has her studio and art gallery.

D S Walker

Dugald Stuart Walker(1883-1937) was an American author and illustrator who studied at the University of Virginia and trained at the New York Scool of Art. He had an enchanted view of life which is reflected in his work.

Deborah Harding

Deborah is a pagan artist & sculptor, who works in a variety of media. She is deeply inspired by the gods of the ancient religions and the romance and imagery of myth and legend. She lives in Essex, where she has her studio and shop.

Dominique Densmore

Dominique is a freelance artist from Detroit, now based in London. Coming from a family of artists and musicians, she is largely self-taught, though in her teens  had many painting sessions with Detroit's resident artist Dennis Orlowski, who introduced her to oils. Her first oil painting won a gold key in the Scholastics Art and Writing Awards. Over the years she’s taken on various commissions, including film posters, illustrations and greeting cards. While oils remain her favourite medium, she also work in pastels, watercolours and acrylics. An avid reader, Dominique’s inspiration often comes from books, stories and legends.

Drusilla Cole

Having graduated from Wimledon School of Art and London's Central School of Art, Drusilla then taught, as Senior Lecturer at the University of the Arts in London, for over 25 years.  She continues to explore different printing techniques and inspirations are patterns, quirky architecture, vintage ceramics and fairground scenes.  Originally from Swansea, Drusilla now lives and works in Shropshire.

Eileen St Julian Bown

Eileen is a screenprinter educated at Farnham College and Byam Shaw School of Art. The ideas and thoughts for her work come from her travels and keen observation. She is a member of both Richmond Printmakers and Southbank Printmakers, exhibits regularly with the Mall Galleries and lives in London.

Elizabeth Moriarty

Elizabeth was educated at Lady Margaret Hall Oxford andstudied illustration at Chelsea College of Art. Starting as a graphic designer at Oxford University Press, she is now a professional artist, inspired by all animal life. Originally from Wales, she now lives near Oxford, whereshe is an established member of the Oxford Printmakers’ Co-operative.

Flora McLachlan RE

Flora McLachlan’s dreamlike etchings are inspired by her study of medieval romance poetry at Oxford University. Deep woods and wild creatures appear in an enchanting twilight world of myth and legend.She lives in Pembrokeshire and is a Member of The Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (RE) as well as the Oxford Printmakers’ Co-operative.

Frans Wesselman RE

Frans Wesselman is a painter, etcher and stained glass artist. Brought up in the Netherlands, he is a graduate of Groningen College of Art and has lived in the UK for many years, settled for a long period in Shropshire before recently moving to Worcester. He is an established Member of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (RE). 

Gill Barrett

Gill is becoming an established artist and her passion is using vibrant alcohol inks to create abstract flowers.  She loves the unpredictability of the ink flow and is always pursuing new techniques.  She is inspired by flowers, animals and landscapes and enjoys positive support from her Instagram followers. 

Gill lives in Gloucestershire where she works as a teacher.

Giuliana Lazzerini

Giuliana Lazzerini is a professional artist based in Yorkshire.  She became inspired during her childhood, when much of her time was spent in her father’s studio in Tuscany.  Giuliana gained a Master of Arts from the Istituto D’Arte Stagio Stagi in Pietrasanta and graduated in painting at the Accademia Di Belle Arti in Carrara.  She has had numerous solo exhibitions in Italy, Switzerland, USA as well as in the UK and has won awards in Italy and the UK.

Harry Newman

Brought up in Wales, Harry spent a few years in France and Belgium, before returning home to south Wales where he is settled. The focus to his photography, is to find colour and form in natural history subjects.

Enquiries via Mistletoe House. 

Hilary Paynter RE, SWE

Hilary Paynter studied sculpture & wood engraving at Portsmouth College of Art. Her prints portray a sense of place with ideas drawn from landscape, animals & politics. She lives in Devon & is a Past President of The Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers & a member of The Society of Wood Engravers.

Jan Nesbitt

Since Jan achieved her Fine Art degree at Bath Academy of Art, she has worked as a professional artist all her life.  With a background as a book illustrator, working for over 30 British publishers over 20 years, she now works as a Fine Artist.  Her inspiration comes from observed enchantment in the natural world.  She lives in Somerset.

Jane Keay

Jane Keay is a professional artist and art tutor. She was born amongst the hills and valleys of the borderland between Mid Wales and the 'Shires, where she now lives. She works in a variety of media but mostly in pen & ink and watercolour. Inspiration is derived from the effect of changing light on landscapes and form around her, to which she responds with emotion and spirituality, often using imagery and symbolism connecting with her Celtic roots.

Jane Peart

Jane Peart graduated from Ealing School of Art having studied illustration. Her etchings and drawings are inspired by her travels, animals & rural views. She lives in Oxford and is both a Member of the Oxford Printmakers’ Co-operative and Oxford Arts Group.

Javier Ortas

Javier creates pictures with no models, just his imagination and a blank sheet of paper.  This results in dynamic, colourful works of art with a unique style.  He has won important prizes for his work and exhibits throughout Spain as well as internationally.  Javier has lived in Mexico and the USA but now lives in Madrid.

Jemima Jameson

Jemima Jameson studied illustration & design at Northbrook College, Horsham in West Sussex. She now lives in the Welsh Marches, where the rolling hills, farmland and woods inspire her work. Underlying influences are the “Art & Craft Movement” and medieval illuminated manuscripts.

Jenni Jones

Jenni started taking photography seriously when submissions to newspapers and magazines were regularly being accepted for publication. Her countryside and coastal walks are the inspiration for her work where careful compositions are formed from observations in particular lighting conditions. She lives and works in Shropshire.

Instagram: j_e_n_jones

Jenny Blount

Jenny studied Art and English at Warwick University before teaching art and design.  She has lived in America and Europe and currently lives and works on the Isle of Wight.  Her work is inspired by vintage and antique pattern and designs, junk-shop finds and curious objects and ephemera.

Jeremy Paul

Originally trained as a marine biologist, the essence of the art of Jeremy Paul is the accurate portrayal of wildlife in its environment.

“My aim as a wildlife artist is not merely to illustrate but to impart the atmosphere of the setting and the feel of the wildlife in its natural environment.  I spend many hours in the field observing wildlife and looking for settings and lightings to inspire an idea for a painting.”

His work has been used on postage stamps; he has exhibited in the prestigious “Birds in Art” in America and is in the collection of “Nature in Art”, Twigworth.  He lives in the Isle of Man.

National Exhibition of Wildlife Art – British Wildlife Award 2015; BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year – Category Winner 2010, 2011, 2012;

Jo Barry RE

Originally from Kent, Jo Barry graduated from London's Ravensbourne College of Art & Design, before taking a teaching post at the Byam Shaw School of Art. She now lives in Hampshire's New Forest, where the changing moods inspire her work. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers. 

Jon Young

Jon started his artistic life working for commercial print companies and his painting took a back seat. Recently, he’s found that the flexibility and bright, bold colours of the previously untried medium of acrylics has encouraged him to paint again.

Like the Geography graduate he is, Jon has a sense of place, with space and light having a big impact on his work. His main influences come from an appreciation of the environment in general and in particular, Scottish colourists both old and new.

Jon is a member of the SAA – the Society for All Artists – the UK’s leading art hub and lives in rural Shropshire.

Julia Allum

An award winning Norfolk based illustrator, Julia creates simple, bold, geometric images inspired by vintage design. A member of the Association of Illustrators, she has worked for many clients in the UK and abroad, producing illustrations for advertising, publishing & packaging.

Krysia D Michna-Nowak

The eyes, expression and the elegance of the line are integral to Krysia's art. This is followed by an orchestration of colour.The pensive mood invites the spectator into the painting to contemplate the symbolism and given title. Krysia lives in Hertfordshire, where she has her studio. 

Lilian Cheviot

Lilian Cheviot(1884-1936) was a British painter and illustrator of animal studie who studied at Frank Calderon's Scool of Animal Painting. She lived in Surrey and Kensington.

Lisa Graa Jensen RI, SGFA

Born in Soborg, Denmark but now living in London, Lisa trained at the Sir John Cass School of Art in Whitechapel before attaining her degree in Graphic Design and Book Illustration at the Camberwell School of Art.  She started as a book illustrator for the big UK publishers but is now a Freelance Painter and Illustrator and exhibits throughout the UK.  Following many awards and prizes, Lisa was elelcted a member both of the Royal Institute of Watercolourists (RI) and the Society of Graphic Fine Artists (SGFA)

Lorraine Auton

Inspired by the unique environment and wildlife of her location, the Norfolk Broads, Lorraine captures atmosphere and movement in her acrylic nature studies.  As well as being an active conservationist, she runs workshops and lessons from her gallery, The Studio in Acle, and exhibits widely across Norfolk.

Louise Fordham

Louise is a self-taught artist and started painting in 2017.  She lives by the Cuckmere Haven in Sussex and spends much of her free time hiking, usually with a camera in hand, observing wildlife.  All of her paintings are inspired by her love of nature and colour resonance.


Lynne Riding

Lynne Riding trained at Hereford College of Art & Design, Manchester College of Art & the San Francisco Art Institute.  While continuing to develop her own work, she holds a position as chair at the Art Institute of Charleston, South Carolina, USA. Lynne's work has been included in exhibits such as "30th Parallel - a Convergence of Contemporary Painting", JMOMA, Florida, USA & "Abstract Art 1949-2012 South Carolina", State Museum, Columbia, SC, USA. &

Mai Osawa

Originally from Japan,Mai is a graduate of Nihon University College of Art inTokyo and is now a professional artist, printmaker and illustrator, based in Surrey.

Mai is the Intaglio Printmaking Tutor at Ochre Print Studio in Guildford, where she runs the pioneering workshop using processes and materials which are safer and less toxic than traditional methods.

Margaret Weavill

Margaret Weavill works from her home studio in a small rural village near Durham.  Her work focuses on landscape, flowers, trees and the natural world - aiming to bring all these to vivid life by capturing mood, movement, texture and colour through a loose interpretation of form.  She works largely in watercolour and wax and increasingly uses the magic of Brusho

Martina Jirankova-Limbrick

Following an education in graphic design in Prague, Martina gained an MA in Illustration from Kingston University, London. Her work is inspired by poetry & fairy tales, inviting the viewer to create their own stories. Originally from the Czech Republic, she now lives near Hay-on-Wye, where she runs the Hay Life Group. Email:

Mary C Clark

Mary Cowles Clark(1871-1950) was an American illustrator of children's books who studied with the Arts Students League in New York and was Member of the Nantucket Art Colony.


Painter, book illustrator & printmaker, working both in intaglio & relief, Miranda Mott trained at Byam Shaw & The Royal Academy Schools in London. She lives in Suffolk and is a Member of the Society of Wood Engravers.

Morna Rhys

Morna Rhys is an artist-printmaker &  tutor. Initially trained at Wimbledon School of Art and a graduate of St Martins School of Art in London, she also holds a Certificate in Art Education from Sussex University. Inspiration is drawn from the landscapes of Oxfordshire, Cornwall & Wales, illuminated by moonlight & the rising sun. She lives in Oxfordshire and is a Member of the Oxford Printmakers’ Co-operative. 

Natalie Toplass

Natalie started painting professionally after moving to Shropshire in 2003, following her earlier formal training in fine art & stage and set design. She began working on a series of intricate flower and bird portraits, which she feels have been heavily influenced by Georgia O’Keefe, Karl Blossfeldt and early 17th Century Dutch painters such as Ambrosius Bosschaert


Padmacandra is a children's book illustrator and author who lives in Fenland, Norfolk, after growing up amidst Scottish mountains.  She is inspired by wild landscapes and the folk tales that grow their roots there.  She is a proud alumna of the Cambridge School of Art.

Phil Greenwood RE

Phil was educated at Harrow and Hornsey Colleges of Art and was a lecturer in printmaking before becoming a professional landscape artist. His work is widely exhibited and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Etchers. Originally from North Wales, he now lives in Kent.

Rachel Treacher

Rachel Treacher

Rachel has a First Class Honours degree in Fine Art Painting from the University of Central Lancashire and sees her paintings as small icons dedicated to British wildlife and flowers. She seeks to consider the small and often overlooked as she believes that if you appreciate the small things in life, then your bigger world has a better chance of taking care of itself. She lives and works in Surrey.

Instagram: @art_see2020

Rebecca Ogilvie

Rebecca is a Scottish artist, illustrator and designer based in Cornwall with a BA Hons degree in Illustration & Print from Plymouth College of Art. Her goals when working are to express concepts and emotions inspired by the environment, culture and folklore.;;

Instagram: @illustrationawakened

Rich Edwards

Bristol born artist, Rich Edwards is now based in the Cotswolds. When he’s not framing the art work of others, he’s creating his own.  Rich largely paints in acrylic and takes his inspiration from his immediate surroundings, documenting fleeting and yet significant scenes and moments as they occur.  Instagram - @richedwardsart

Rob van Hoek

Rob van Hoek is an established, professional landscape painter and exhibitor throughout the UK and the Netherlands.  His work is inspired by the patterns, lines, rhythms and shapes of the cultivated landscape and all his titles are taken from song lyrics.  He lives and works in The Hague.

Robin Mackenzie

Robin is an illustrator and printmaker specialising in wood engravings and linocuts. He works from his studio at Walford Mill Crafts in Wimborne, Dorset using a traditional cast iron Albion Press to produce his prints. He is an elected member of The Society of Wood Engravers and the Devon Guild of Craftsmen.

Ros Corfield

Ros's work describes the relationships between interlocking forms, found in landscape, still life and life drawing. She studied at Central School of Art & Design, London as well as Canterbury Christchurch University and has a degree in printmaking. Ros is based in Canterbury and has exhibited throughout Kent. Instagram: @roscorfieldartworks

Sarah Jameson

Sarah lives in the South Shropshire hills and her art comes from her love of photography, drawing – both traditional and digital, printmaking, writing and book making. She enjoys combining these to create images of nature and wild places evoking imaginary times long past and mysterious, ethereal places, now long lost.

Simon Dorrell

Simon trained at Hereford College of Art before graduating from Maidstone College of Art.  He is also an established designer of gardens and landscapes including his own at Bryan's Ground near Presteigne.  

He has staged one-man exhibitions in London, New York, Zurich, and throughout the UK including regular shows at Glyndebourne Opera.  Simon is a member of The Arborealists and art editor of the garden journal, Hortus.

Sophie Wright

Sophie grew up in the mid Wales countryside and now works as a veterinary surgeon in the Lake District. Drawing is the passion of her spare time where her main focus, unsurprisingly, is animals. She loves to draw both local as well as more exotic wildlife as well as farm animals and pets.;

Stuart Hill

Stuart is inspired by many sources and is especially influenced by the cultures and belief systems in world mythology. His bold, uncluttered compositions are made up of clean and simple lines. He lives in Leicestershire.

Stuart Renfrew

Having studied graphic design at Rochdale College of Art, Stuart then joined the tutoring staff.  His work concentrates on contemporary design interpretations of his keen interest in the natural world.  The simplification of natural forms found in Japanese woodblock prints is a particular inspiration.  He lives in Manchester.

Sue Scullard SWE

Sue Scullard is from Kent and studied illustration & graphic design at Camberwell School of Art, as well as wood engraving at The Royal College of Art. She is a Member of The Society of Wood Engravers.  Her engravings are dramatic compositions drawn from gardens, trees, architecture & other elements in the landscape.

Sue Wheeler

Sue Wheeler trained at the Central School of Art in London and at Bristol University. The linocut is her preferred medium because it encourages the search for underlying form to produce an image with a strong, decorative impact. She lives in Oxfordshire and is a Member of both the Oxford Printmakers’ Co-operative and the Oxford Art Society.

Susan Kennewell

Susan grew up and trained in the English Midlands, then worked in various parts of the country before settling on the West Sussex coast. Her inspiration can come from anywhere but mainly, nature and its textures; the movement and change of fashion and figures; and the intricacies of architecture and buildings.

Her work encompasses fashion, bridal and interiors and while most of her current work is bespoke embellishment, she is happy to consider any new challenge.;  Instagram: @susankennewelltextiles

Susan Milne

On graduating from St Martins School of Art London, Susan Milne was an illustrator of natural history books before moving to the Welsh borders in 1981, where she began to develop her landscape work. She has worked in the Netherlands on land projects and her work is in public and private collections in Europe and the UK.

Tia Lambert

Tia trained at the Royal Academy Schools in London before becoming an art tutor at Malvern Hills College in Worcestershire. She leads workshops and gives demonstrations and has exhibited across the UK.

Valerie Greeley

Valerie is an artist and textile designer who specialises in decorative illustration. She trained at Manchester Metropolitan University where she gained a First Class degree in Printed Textiles and is a Member of the Royal Miniature Society and of the Hilliard Society. She has illustrated many books, designed fabrics and ceramic decals and has a special interest in the book arts.

Valerie's work is inspired by nature, especially the flora and fauna around her home in Cheshire.

Warwick Goble

Warwick Goble (British, 1862 - 1943) trained at Westminster School of Art and is best known for his illustration of fairy stories.  His original watercolours were inspired by oriental and Asian mythology in general and Japanese themes in particular.

Zee Jones

Zee completed an art foundation course in 2010 and is influenced by 20th Century modernists. Her work can be described as confident and strong, with a compelling use of structure and colour. Based in Devon, her work is inspired by her interest in people, the countryside and coastline.;  Instagram: @zeejonesartist